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ParaDocs, a technology-enabled service provider, delivers a suite of solutions to revolutionize healthcare management. Our Automated Reporting employs augmented intelligence to streamline the alignment of clinical notes and codes, ensuring doctor-verified accuracy and enhancing clinical and fiscal transparency from documentation to billing. With automated health plan submissions and secure data transfers that are HIPAA compliant, protected by 256-SHA encryption, and involving no data storage, we ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your information. Our Data Analytics provides physicians with actionable insights to identify and address care gaps, thereby improving patient care quality. Additionally, our Interoperability Solutions create a robust digital conduit between clinics, health plans, and MSOs, facilitating a transparent, audit-ready, and efficient exchange of data. Choose ParaDocs for a future where healthcare efficiency and accuracy are the norm

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"Working with ParaDocs allowed me to spend more time with patients and accurately fill out the necessary paperwork for reimbursment."

Dr. Glenn Davis, MD

President of Cypress Physicians Association  

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