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See Our Platform in Action

ParaDocs simplifies the administrative process for healthcare providers through advanced technology. Our system applies augmented intelligence to minimize manual paperwork and efficiently automates the reporting of services to health plans. This approach not only streamlines administrative tasks but also supplies healthcare providers with valuable data, assisting them in identifying and bridging care gaps to maintain and improve patient care quality.


Patent-Pending EMR Harmonization 


Imagine having a personal assistant who not only keeps track of all your important documents but learns to understand them in depth, constantly improving and adapting. Our tool does precisely that with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). By seamlessly integrating with EMR systems meeting meaningful use requirements, it cultivates a rich understanding of the medical data available.  


NSF-Funded Intelligent Care Code Matching 

Navigating the complex language of healthcare coding can often feel like deciphering an ancient script. Thankfully, our system acts as a proficient translator, adept at reading through clinical notes and pinpointing the optimal care codes that correlate with the documented details. This feature, funded generously by the NSF, ensures a smooth translation process where nothing documented gets lost in code translation, promising more accurate and efficient healthcare communication. 


Hassle-Free Form Autofill

What if the tedious task of filling forms could be as easy as snapping your fingers? Our tool brings this dream to reality by automatically populating necessary forms for diverse health plans, effectively making paperwork a breeze. This innovative step cuts down the time typically spent on administrative tasks drastically, granting healthcare providers the precious gift of time - more moments to focus wholeheartedly on nurturing patient wellness. 


Insightful Monthly Reports 

Picture a friendly monthly update that keeps you informed and ahead in the Medicare Advantage space, without the data overload. Our system presents you with clear and concise reports, summarizing the work done, insights gained, and potential opportunities to explore. It specifically highlights care gaps to help doctors identify areas for improvement, thereby enhancing the quality of care for their patients.

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