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Get to Know Us

Our team consists of experienced professionals in both healthcare and technology, working together to create innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

Meet the Team

Omar Mohtar_edited_edited.jpg

Omar Mohtar


Founder & CEO


Dhini Nasution_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dhini Nasution


Co-Founder & COO

Clinical AI Lead

Vibhav Jha_edited_edited.jpg

Vibhav Jha


Machine Learning Lead

Advisors and Mentors

Glenn Davis - Upscaled_edited_edited_edi

Glenn Davis MD


Cypress Physicians Association

Chief Medical Officer

Hamilton Health Box

Maria Berdayes - Upscaled_edited.jpg

Maria Berdayes DO


Millenium Physicians

Medical Director

Millenium IPA

Lance Black_edited.jpg

Lance Black MD

Chief Clinical Strategy

Prana Thoracic

Clinical Advisor

Texas Medical Center Innovation

Toby Hamilton - Upscaled_edited.jpg

Toby Hamilton MD

Chief Executive Officer

Hamilton Health Box

Executive Director


Kyle Robertson - Press Ganey_edited.jpg

Kyle Robertson 

Co-Founder and CEO 

NarrativeDx / Press Ganey

Entrepreneur, Inventor

Chris King - Upscaled_edited.jpg

Christopher King MHA 

Chief Development Officer

Hamilton Health Box

Matt Segar_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Matthew Segar MD

Cardiology Fellow

Texas Heart Institute

Our Story

At the heart of ParaDocs Health's story of innovation stands Dr. Omar Mohtar, an MD-PhD from Boston University, whose expertise in the nuances of DNA has inspired the sophisticated data-sharing solutions that ParaDocs Health offers today. He envisions the company’s data pipeline with the elegance of an RNA structure, ensuring a seamless flow of information between EMRs. His vision was brought to fruition alongside Dr. Dhini Nasution, an MD MAP and an internationally trained physician from Indonesia. Her experience as a clinical AI researcher at Babylon Health in the UK has infused the company with cutting-edge digital health strategies. Together, they've turned their shared frustrations over excessive paperwork into a purpose-driven venture. ParaDocs Health is the embodiment of their journey—built by doctors, for doctors—determined to deliver a seamless reporting system that resonates with the precision and dedication of medical practice itself.

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